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The EMC Shop stocks a wide selection of automotive compliance testing equipment utilized to meet Ford EMC-CS-2009 requirments. Rent or buy test systems for specific test sections or send your DUT to us for precompliance screening.

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Automotive transient generators are typically benchtop, but heavy equipment. When doing testing on three phase power lines systems usually require much larger coupling/decoupling networks which substantially increase system size. EM test environments with ground planes with connections to earth are required to safely use transient generators.

Normative References from Ford EMC-CS-2009

Easy CI Testing to Ford EMC-CS-2009, Video Overview

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    • Built-in EFT/Burst generator module
    • Built-in Micropulse generator module (ISO 7637, JASO, SAE and NISSAN)
    • Built-in coupling/decoupling network, 80V/50A, 100A@500ms
    • Built-in battery switch
    • Overcurrent protection
    • USB and GPIB-Bus
    • Emergency stop
    • Software for Windows Vista & Windows 7
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    • Standalone test generator for voltage dips and interruptions
    • Rise/fall time <1us
    • Electronic short-circuit protection
    • Rated voltage 80V DC
    • Front panel operation
    • Standard Test routines
    • USB and GPIB interfaces
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    • Up to 900 watts RMS power output
    • Small signal response up to 400 kHz
    • Up to 16A at 13.5 VDC
    • Can be used to create series or parallel systems for up to 3 times the voltage or 4 times the current output
    • Stable when driving highly capacitive loads.
    • Four-quadrant operation.
    • User-selectable controlled-voltage or controlled-current modes of operation.
    • System output of over 3,600 watts or over 200 amperes maximum is possible with multiple, interconnected amplifiers.
    • Efficient design and light-weight chassis materials allow amplifier to occupy only 2U height and weighs only 41 lbs.
    • Protection circuitry protects the amplifier from input overloads, improper output connection (including shorted and improper loads), overtemperature, over-current, and supply voltages that are too high or low.
    • Shipped ready to operate from 120-volt (±10%) single-phase AC mains; 220/240-volt model available on request.
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    • Sophisticated and Easy to Use GUI
    • User-defined programming of most standard waveforms
    • Control all 3ctest automotive conducted immunity test equipment
    • Program multi-channel waveforms
    • Custom waveform generation
    • Test sequencing and scheduling, one key remote control
    • Easy Test Reporting
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    • Easiest-to-use LF wave sequence generator
    • 1500+ automotive and aviation standard’s tests included
    • Dramatically reduces test time for repetitive test sequences
    • Semi-automatic calibration routine significantly reduces labor-intensive tasks (like CS101)
    • Very easy to modify included waveform sequences or create new ones
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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items