Coupling Decoupling Networks (CDN's)

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3ctest SPN/SEPN/EFTN Series Coupling/Decoupling Network View larger

3ctest SPN/SEPN/EFTN Series Coupling/Decoupling Network


  • Electromagnetic relay protection if current is more than rated value
  • Scheduling setting and save test time


  • IEC 61000-4-5
  • IEC 61000-4-4
  • GB/T 17626.5
  • GB/T 17626.4

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Test Equipment Description

3ctest SEPN, SPN and EFTN series is a new generation of automatic three-phase five-wire coupling/decoupling network combined with lightening surge and burst pulse. It can be used for DUT AC/DC mains. It can be equipped with CCS600, CWS 600 and EFT 500 simulators, and also be customized as per customer needs.

General Data
Working mainsAC110V/220V, ±10%, 50/60Hz(default AC220V)
External control25Pin D-Bus
Working indicatorLED front panel
Detection output 1 meter standard coaxial cable
Dimension19 inch/6U
Weightapprox. 50Kg
Air pressure86kPa–106kPa
Surge immunity test as per IEC 61000-4-5
StandardIEC/EN 61000-4-5、GB/T 17626.5
Test voltage0.3kV–6kV,±10%
Test current0.15kA–3kA,±10%
Current waveformFront time: 8us±20%, time to half value: 20us±20%
Source output impedance2 ohm
Output polarity+/-/alternative
Coupling capacitance9uF, 18uF
Coupling resistance10 ohm, 0 ohm, IEC standard mode or customized mode
Synchronization0° - 360°, 1° step or random
Coupling networkThree-phase automatic CDN
EFT/Burst test as per IEC 61000-4-4
StandardIEC/EN 61000-4-4, GB/T 17626.4
Test voltage0.25 kV -4.8kV, ± 10%
Pulse frequency0.1kHz–1000kHz
Synchronization0° - 360°, 1° step or random
Coupling networkThree-phase automatic CDN
Optional Accessories
1. SEPN seriesCDN for surge and burst
SEPN 2216S Single phase three-wire AC 220V 16A  Max 250V
SEPN 2232S Single phase three-wire AC 220V 32A  Max 250V
SEPN 3816T Three-phase five-wire AC 380V 16A  Max 440V
SEPN 3832T Three-phase five-wire AC 380V 32A  Max 440V
SEPN 6932T Three-phase five-wire AC 690V 32A  Max 750V
2. SPN series CDN for lightening surge
SPN 3816TThree-phase five-wire AC 380V 16A Max 440V
SPN 2232SSingle phase three-wire AC 220V 32A Max 250V
3. EFTN series CDN for burst
EFTN 3832TThree-phase five-wire AC 380V 32A Max 440V
4. CCC 100 Capacitance coupling clamp
5. EMS Lab Test software
Basic Equipment
1. SEPN, SPN, EFTN test system6. Coaxial cable
2. Three-core power cord7. Four-core plug
3. Test cable8. Four-core socket
4. Ground wire9. Factory test report
5. Fuse10. User manual

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