EMC Probes

EMC Probes


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Monitor high power, radiated fields or identify susceptible areas with a wide variety of probes for broadband monitoring or frequency specific points.


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Current probes required by various EMI specifications (such as MIL-STD-461/2) are toroidal transformers designed to measure RF currents on active power lines or other conductors.




Specifications require the injection of large high frequency currents into cable bundles and individual wires, using inserted secondary toroidal transformers placed around the conductors being tested.


Bulk current injection probes are available in two styles:


1. Fixed window style where the wire(s) under test must be passed through the window.

2. A split toroidal design where the probe can be opened and clamped over the wire(s) under test.




Radio frequency field probes capable of measuring RF energy over a wide range of field strength and frequency.

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