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3ctest TCXH1110 Helmholtz Coil


  • 90°/180° rotation for direction
  • Internal test table for EUT
  • Continuous work, good reliability of output magnetic strength
  • Compatible AC/DC mains
  • Broad uniform area for magnetic field space 
  • Good linearity between magnetic and current

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Test Equipment Description

Helmholtz coil is designed to produce standard magnetic field with wide applications. It can be used to calibrate Hall probe and different types of magnetometers, compensate geomagnetic field, judge magnetic shielding effect, measure radiated magnetic field and research material magnetic properties. It is featured with open space, easy to use, good linearity between magnetic field and supply current and broad uniform area for magnetic space. It can meet the requirements of IEC61000-4-8, GB/T17626.8, GB/T17215-2002 and GB/T15283-94. One-dimension, two-dimension and three-dimension combined magnetic field can be made according to needs.

Technical Parameters
Magnetic strength 1A/m~1000A/m
Magnetic direction 90°/180°
Test duration 1-100A/m continuous (1-400A/m optional)
100-1000A/m(1-10s for a short time)
Coil turns Number of turns
Coil size 1000mm(length)×1000mm(width)×540mm(space)
Temperature 15-55°C
Dimension 1540x1440x1040mm
Weight Approx. 135kg
Optional Simulators
MFS 1200 Power frequency magnetic field simulator as per IEC 61000-4-8
MFS xxxAP AC/DC (variable frequency) magnetic field disturbance simulator as per EN50121-4
APS xxCxx Voltage variation simulator as per ISO11452-8
CCS 600 Combination wave simulator as per IEC 61000-4-8
Optional Simulators
Name Helmholtz coil EUT table
Model HMXQ-00
Table size 500*500mm
Fall/Rise height 750/450mm
Weight Approx.10kg

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