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General Test Systems MW60 mmWave Chipset OTA Measurement System


  • 19GHz ~ 50GHz (extensible)
  • RF Performance measurement of MMW chipset (AIP) & antenna arrays
  • Compact portable OTA measurement system
  • Support low and high temperature (-45 °C ~ 115°C) test after expanding

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Test Equipment Description

VSG: Design for SG waveform-modulated signal. Communicate with high-precision probe antennas.

VSA: Analyze and calculate signal quality, evaluate RF performance of DUT.

MaxSign100: Realize visual data by reading information from instrument directly and built-in calibration method to array antenna.

Integrated controller: Switch signal, control turntable and integrate system instrument through ports.

MMW Chamber: Realize high-precision OTA test by providing low-reflected measurement environment.

Measurement Probe

  • VSWR<1.6 (Typical)
  • Gain>16dB (Typical)
  • 3dB beam width<30°
  • Port/polarization Isolation >30dB

System Overview

Frequency Rage 19GHz ~ 50GHz (extensible)
Application MMV phase aaray antenna measurement; MMW chipset (AIP) measurement
Items -RF Performace: EVM, PER, ACLR, SFDR
--45°C high-low temperature (optional)
Shielding degree > 60dN
Distance 680mm
Reflected level of QZ <-35dB
Pattern accuracy ±0.1dB
Size (max) 50mm
Weight (max) 5kg
X/Y Shaft Travel ±25mm
Speed (max) 50mm/systemAccuracy: ±0.005mm
Size 900mm x 800mm x 1000mm (LxWxH)
Door 900mm x 600mm (WxH)
Frequency 33GHz 24GHz 26GHz 28GHz 30GHz 32GHz 34GHz 36GHz 38GHz 40GHz
Reflection -43dB -43dB -45dB -45dB -45dB -46dB -46dB -42dB -49dB -50dB
Material EPP (expanded polypropylene)
Height 60mm
Hygroscopicity 0.02%
OI 27.8%
Operating Temperature -45°C ~ 115°C
Service life 30years

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