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3ctest PFS Single Phase Power Fail Simulator


  • 5.7 inch color touch screen
  • Full compliant test as per IEC 61000-4-11, GB/T17626.11 
  • Built-in multi functional test module
  • Data acquisition of voltage and current
  • Programmable test procedures
  • Ethernet RJ45, PC remote control, test report documentation and print


  • IEC 61000-4-11
  • IEC 61000-4-29
  • GB/T 17626.11
  • GB/T 17626.29
  • EN 61000-4-11
  • EN 61000-4-29

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Test Equipment Description

3ctest PFS Single Phase Power Fail Simulator simulates voltage dip, interruption and variation which are caused by power grid and transformer devices due to malfunction or sudden large change of load. It is required to test this kind of phenomena to check whether electronic and electrical device can sustain safety operating condition. PFS 2216 SV is equipped with two semiconductor switch controlled independently. It can withstand impulse current and each switch has electronic protection function.

General Data
Display 5.7 inch TFT touch screen
Power supply 110V/220V, ±10%, 50/60Hz
Fuse 6A
Max. Power consumption 100W
Memory space Infinite (PC)
Communication mode Ethernet LAN, RJ45
External control D-sub 25p
External trigger input BNC,5V TTL
CRO output BNC,5V TTL
Input BNC,5V TTL
Synchronization 45-65Hz, 20-500V between dotted terminal & undotted terminal
Warning LED 0-220VAC 10A/0-48VDC 3A
Depending on external signal lamp
Safety circuit Test only can be started when it is closed
Failure test Display on LCD and interrupt the work at failure case
EUT voltage monitoring output BNC, 100:1 coaxial output
EUT current monitoring output BNC, 10A:1V coaxial output
Working indicator LED, LCD front panel display
Grounding connection Flat ground line
EUT power injection 4mm banana line
Output mode Standard 1m coaxial cable
Size 19 inch/6U/4U or 22U cabinet
Weight(different weight for different model) Eg. PFS 2210SVD / PFS 2210SD / PFS 2216SD  weight: 40Kg; PFS 1130D weight: 24Kg or 100kg (with the power supply)
Temperature 15–35°C
Humidity 45%–75%
Air pressure 86kPa–106kPa
Power fail test as per IEC6100-4-11&IEC61000-4-29,GB/T17626.29 for single phase AC and DC including voltage dips, short interruption and variation
Power fail simulator
EUT max. Voltage PFS22xxSD, PFS22xxSVD series: 250V AC, 300V DC
PFS05xxD series: 55VDC
PFS11xxD series: 130VDC
PFS12xxD series: 140VDC
PFS22xxD series: 300VDC
EUT max. current PFS2216SD, PFS2216SVD:
16A  AC/DC continuous current;  
20A continuous 5s;  
40Acontinuous 3s;

PFS2210SVD, PFS2210SVD: 
10A AC/DC continuous current;  
12A continuous 5s;  
25Acontinuous 3s;  

PFSxx05D: 6A  
PFSxx20D: 22A
PFSxx25D: 28A
PFSxx30D: 33A
PFSxx50D:  55A
EUT power supply Single phase  no more than 230V 50~60Hz±5% DC no more than 300VDC Offer DC control
EUT current and voltage measurement LCD display
BNC terminal: voltage 100:1, current 100A: 1V
Interrupt level 0%
Dip level 0%-100%(for accessories VVT/VMT series)
0%,40%,70%,80%(for accessories VVTxxxxSF series )
Repetition rate 0.3-9999 cycle or 5ms-9999ms
Duration 50ms-50000ms
Test time 1s-9999s
Rise and fall time 1-5us(100Ω load)
Voltage variation level 0-100%
Time for decreasing voltage 500ms-60000ms(50%-100%)or 1-5us(100 ohm load)
1000ms-60000ms(0%-100%)or 1-5us(100 ohm load)
Time for increasing voltage 500ms-60000ms(50%-100%)
Time for reduced voltage 10ms-99999ms
DC voltage level 0-120%
DC voltage change continuous 1ms-99999ms
DC voltage change interval 50ms-50000ms
Synchronization 0°- 360°,1° step or random
Trigger mode Automatic, manual or external
Optional function Additional module for voltage variation test and two DC mains
Peak Impulse Capacity of Simulator
Rated current Withstand current impulse capacity
PFS 2210SD 500A
PFS 2210SVD 500A
PFS 2216SD 500A
PFS 2216SVD 500A
PFS 2232SD 500A
PFS 2232SVD 500A
PFS 0505D 24V/50A,48V/100A
PFS 0510D 24V/50A,48V/100A
PFS 1110D 24V/50A,48V/100A,110V/220A
PFS 1120D 24V/50A,48V/100A,110V/220A
PFS 1125D 24V/50A,48V/100A,110V/220A
PFS 1130D 24V/50A,48V/100A,110V/220A
PFS 1150D 24V/50A,48V/100A,110V/220A
PFS 2210D 24V/50A,48V/100A,110V/220A
PFS 2225D 24V/50A,48V/100A,110V/220A
PFS 2250D 24V/50A,48V/100A,110V/220A
Simulator with rated current no more than 16A meets the load capacity specified in IEC 61000-4-11
Rated current Load current capacity
PFS 2210SD
12A  AC/DC continuous current;
15A continuous 5s;
25Acontinuous 3s;
PFS 2216SD
18A  AC/DC continuous current;
20A continuous 5s;
40Acontinuous 3s;

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