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3ctest CDN 418AFL8 CDN For Unshielded Asymmetric View larger

3ctest CDN 418AFL8 CDN For Unshielded Asymmetric


  • Test output to 4-path 8-line communication line
  • Max. withstanding peak voltage up to 6 kV (customized) 
  • Compatible to output port of other generators for communication test


  • IEC 61000-4-18
  • GB/T17626.12
  • EN61000-4-18

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Test Equipment Description

3ctest CDN 418AFL8 unshielded asymmetric coupling/decoupling network is designed to test low speed communication line for damped oscillatory wave. It can be used to test 5MBit/s Ethernet. There is no need to extra protect AE because of high decoupling capacity to make sure test repeatability. Max. residual voltage on AE port is only 90V when the surge voltage is 2kV. It fully meets the requirements of IEC/EN 61000 – 4-18. Stable decoupling capacity and transmission rate, easy to use and compact size.

Technical Parameters
Standard IEC/EN 61000 -4 -18
Coupling waveform Damped oscillatory wave
Pulse voltage 4 kV(6kV, customized)
Coupling mode 4-pair unshielded asymmetric line
Coupling device SCD 90 (90V gas discharging tube) internal
Communication frequency <5MHz
Communication port RJ45 female connector
Pin layout Pair 1:pins 1/2
Pair 2:pins 3/4
Pair 3:pins 5/6
Pair 4:pins 7/8
Data rate Up to 5MBit/s
Working voltage Max. 90V DC
Working current Max. 1A
Decoupling inductance 20 mH
Residual voltage 90V
General Data
Weight 2.8kg
Dimension  250 (L)× 200 (W)×133 (H) cm
Enclosure material Aluminum
Temperature 15°C -35°C (operating condition)
Humidity 45% - 75%  (operating condition)
Package case Carton
HV cable 1m HV silicon cable with banana plug 1
Ground cable 0.5m  yellow green 1
Short connection cable black 1
SCD 90 Coupling module (internal) 2
Internet cable 1m 2
Documents Factory test report 1
User manual 1
Optional Accessories
SZC 33 Coupling module 33 nF

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