MIL-STD-461 CS115

CS115 Purpose

Conducted Susceptibility, bulk cable injection, impulse excitation

This test procedure is used to verify the ability of the EUT to withstand impulse signals coupled onto EUT associated cabling.

Test Equipment

The test equipment shall be as follows:

a. Pulse generator, 50 ohm, charged line (coaxial)
b. Current injection probe
c. Drive cable, 50 ohm, 2 meters, 0.5 dB or less insertion loss at 500 MHz
d. Current probe
e. Calibration fixture: coaxial transmiss
ion line with 50 ohm characteristic impedance,
coaxial connections on both ends, and space for an injection probe around the center
f. Oscilloscope, 50 ohm input impedance
g. Attenuators, 50 ohm
h. Coaxial loads, 50 ohm
i. LISNs

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