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EMC/RF Shielded Tent Enclosure - RFT Series


  • -85.7 dB minimum from 400 MHz to 18 GHz
  • Conductive floor between two layers of heavy-duty tarp
  • 40” x 54.5” double door or single door patented seal systems on the length side
  • Cable sleeve or Filter Plate
  • Enclosure Storage Bag: All enclosures come with a storage bag for protection when in transit or not in use.

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Test Equipment Description

EMC/RF Shielded Tent Enclosure - RFT Series are a cost effective, highly efficient solution for radiated emissions and immunity testing. Users can spend fraction on acquisition, receive immediate delivery and easily set up and be testing themselves in short order. Troubleshoot or prepare for EMC certification in a practical and timely manner, The EMC Shop offers custom solutions, bundling the EMC test equipment required to conduct emissions and immunity testing, and maintaining high level RF isolation.

EMC/RF Shielded Tent Enclosure - RFT Series

Any size EMC/RF Shielded Tent Enclosure

Standard Sizes range from table top test boxes to 9’ x 19’ x 10’ free standing enclosures. Larger custom designed sizes can also be produced to meet your critical specifications.

RF Tent as EMI Shielded Enclosure

Manufactured using NovaSelect™ RoHS Compliant silver/copper/nickel conductive fabric and single door (US Pat. No. 9,029,714) or double door (US Pat. No. 8,530,756) patented seal system. The double magnet strip closure delivers maximum isolation.

Enclosure Construction Shielding Effectiveness:
Tested with internal vestibule design, high performance I/O plate and AC line filter. -85.7 dB minimum from 400 MHz to 18 GHz (see chart)

Double Layer Enclosure
Tested with filter box using standard performance AC line filter, no vestibule. -78 dB average from 150 kHz to 18 GHz

Single Layer Enclosure
Tested with filter box using standard performance AC line filter, no vestibule. -66 dB average from 150 kHz to 18 GHz

EMC/RF Shielded Tent Enclosure

Simple to set up, with lightweight pop-up or semi-permanent frames.

EMC/RF Shielded Tent EnclosureSERIES 100 FRAMES
Easy-up steel frame. From 8’ x 8’ to 10’ x 20’ with adjustable height. Custom sized enclosures are available. See chart to the right below for standard sizes.
Heavy Duty EMI Enclosure - Shielded TentSERIES 300 FRAMES
Rectangular heavy-duty aluminum frame. With a wide range of structural profiles, frames are configured to meet enclosure size and weight requirements. Excellent for large sized tents and cleanroom applications.
RF Tent as EMI Shielded EnclosureSERIES 500 FRAMES
Round heavy-duty aluminum frame. The easy “socket connection principle” of the internal tension system reduces construction assembly to a minimum. A connection is established effortlessly by simply tightening a clamping screw.
Easy to use door - portable rf shielding enclosuresPATENTED DOOR SYSTEMS
Single door, US Pat. No. 9,029,714 or double door, US Pat. No. 8,530,756 patented door seal systems deliver maximum isolation. Reduces RF/EMI leakage for enhanced performance.
RF Tent as EMI Shielded EnclosureIO FILTER PLATE
Choose from an integrated I/O Filter Plate with standard or high attenuation power filter. Provides a power line and optional filtering for Ethernet and USB. Custom multiple filter and connector options are also available which can include: SMA, BNC and Fiber Optics, etc.


  • Cleaning in SELECT’s on-site ISO Class 7 cleanroom
  • Door Sizes 5’ x 5’ and larger
  • ESD white interior liner
  • Filter plates 
  • High Attenuation Power Filters
  • Filter boxes with standard line filter
  • Cable sleeves
  • Frame roller bags and hard travel cases
  • LED interior perimeter lighting or EMI hardened stringed lights
  • Testing of completed enclosure
  • Ventilation 
  • Ventilation with Air Conditioning
  • Vestibule
  • Viewing Window - RF shielded

Stocked Frame Sizes - EMC/RF Shielded Tent Enclosure Frame Sizes *Inquire for custom*

 Enclosure Size Frame Size
 Part NumberLength (feet)Width (feet)Height (feet)Length (feet)Width (feet)Height(feet)
RFT-077’7’6' 6"8’8’8’
RFT-07A7’7’8'8’8’9’ 7"
RFT-099’9’6' 6"10’10’8’
RFT-09A9’9’8'10’10’9’ 7"
RFT-149’14’6' 6"10’15’8’
RFT-14A9’14’8' 10’15’9’ 7"
RFT-199’19’6' 6"10’20’8’
RFT-19A9’19’8"10’20’9’ 7"
RFT-19B9’19’10'10’20’11’ 7"
BRFT-044’4’6' 6"5’5’7’

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