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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test equipment is used to evaluate the electrical conducted or wireless performance and integrity of any product, from automobiles to furniture. Typically used in the middle and end stages of product development, EMC testing is also overlooked and not an issue until it is ailed at a compliance lab like TUV or UL.


The EMC Shop has a unique assortment of EMC test equipment in stock, offering economic or non-bias options as well as setup support. As a distributor for key manufacturers including Amplifier Research, 3ctest, Teseq, Schloder, EM Test, IFI, Schwarzbeck, Fischer Custom Communications, AH SystemsPMM and many more.


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Rentals are prioritized, all equipment is inspected before shipments. Custom configurations are reviewed and in some cases, set up and calibrated as a system. We sell equipment to expand lab capabilities or configure complete/custom test setups for rental customers with little EMC and EMI experience, quick start guides allowing them to setup out of the box hassle free.

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EMC & EMI Testing Equipment

EMC Test Equipment There are 240 products.


  • Transient Generators


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    Transient generators are required for conducted immunity testing portions for CE Marking and other product certification. The EMC Shop stocks all types of transient generators for compliance and precompliance testing. Rent or buy transient generators for individual tests or multifunction generators to complete an assorment of tests in a compact solution. Most systems can be easily upgraded to include additional tests as required.

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    Transient generators are typically benchtop, but heavy equipment. When doing testing on three phase power lines systems usually require much larger coupling/decoupling networks which substantially increase system size. EM test environments with ground planes with connections to earth are required to safely use transient generators.

    Rent Transient Generators For:

    • Surge: Generators for combination/wave test IEC 61000-4-5ANSI C63 and more.
    • EFT/Burst: Electrical Fast Transient Generators for IEC 61000-4-4.
    • Dips, Drops (& Variations): PQF/Powerline Tests in accordance to IEC 61000-4-114-29 and more.
    • Automotive: Assortment of transient surges found in DC powered vehicles..
    • Ring Wave: Oscillatory wave tests per IEC 61000-4-12, 4-18, ANSI and more.
    • Telecom: Additional tests on data lines in unison with surge simulation tests.
    • Flicker & Harmonics: Power sources and analyzer turn key systems per IEC 61000-3-2 and 3-3.
    • ESD: Electrostatic discharge immunity simulators per IEC 61000-4-2
    • Magnetic: Radiated magnetic susceptibility per IEC 61000-4-8 and IEC 61000-4-9

  • RF Power Amplifiers


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    The EMC Shop stocks a variety of broadband RF power amplifiers, primarily for EMC testing. Our inventory containts current, solid state technology up to 40 GHz and boasts the smallest amplifiers for convenient transport. Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) Amplifiers for military EMC and RF immunity are also in stock. Efficiently meet the test levels of any radiated immunity and susceptibility test standard.


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    EMC Amplifier Applications

    • IEC 61000-4-3 - Can be completed with two solid state amps
    • MIL-STD 461 RS - 100W solid state from 6 to 18 GHz coupled with a High Gain Horn to achieve 200V/m. Solid State 40 Watt amps to 40 GHz available.
    • IEC 61000-4-6 - One solid state amp up to 1 GHz (dual band)
    • DO-160 - One solid state EMC amp
    • Automotive - CW and Pulse solid state amps under 6 GHz
    • Pulsed RF Power Ampifiers

    Amplifer Remote Control Setup

  • RF Field Strength Probes & Meters

    Field strength probes and meters are essential when performing RFI (radio frequency immunity) testing. Mathematical equations factoring in gain, VSWR and cable loss typically do not match when perofrming actual testing. RF field strength probes and meters are available to monitor a broadband RF range or frequency specific areas.

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  • RF Conducted Immunity


    The EMC Shop stocks RF conducted immunity test equipment and builds custom systems to fit the customer DUT and test requirements. Rent or buy a custom system taylored to your DUT and testing parameters. Software is included and custom test sequences will be generated, pre-programmed and calibrated by The EMC Shop staff prior to shipment.


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    RF Conducted Immunity Test System

    RF conducted testing is an efficient manner to test immunity along power and data lines up to 1 GHz. Common bandwidths range from 10kHz to 400 MHz, where the ~80 MHz range and higher acts as a good alternative to radiated immunity testing requiring high power RF amplifiers.


    Video RF Conducted Immunity Test System Calibration

  • EMC Receivers/EMI Analyzers


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    The EMC Shop speacializes in radiated and conducted emissions testing. For CISPR or MIL complaint EMC receivers, or precompliance EMI spectrum analyzers, The EMC Shop stocks the right EMC analyzer for your testing needs. For precompliance testing, evaluation or troubleshooting, a standard spectrum analyzer doesn't always get the job done. Electrical and magnetic disturbances are best identified using an EMC receiver/EMI analyzer with built in quasi peak detectors, noise floor extension and software features to identify electromagentic events that can occur in speeds not managed well by most spectrum analyzers.


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    EMC/EMI Measurement Equipment

    EMC Receivers/EMI Analyzers Manufacutures

  • EMC Antennas


    The quintessential element for all radiated EMC testing. Most antennas now have hgih power transmit and receive capabilites with very broadband frequency ranges. Allowing for many users to accomplish testing without having to interrrupt testing to convert to a higher or lower frequency antenna or setting up an intricate switching system. The EMC Shop stocks EMC antennas for rental, purchasing and immediate delivery.


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  • Coupling Decoupling Networks (CDN's)


    The EMC Shop stocks coupling decoupling networks (CDN's) for most power and data line configurations. CDN's are quintessential for performing EMC testing. In short, conducted immunity coupling networks ensure electrical transients are sent down the path of the line to the EUT. Decoupling that signal from entering the rest of the network is done in different ways. In radiated immunity, you are coupling wireless signals over the air through the antenna. It may be appropriate to use a decoupling clamp on lines as they exit the test chamber.

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    Coupling/Decoupling networks are built in to most current generators for single phase power EUT. Coupling networks are typically easy to set up for conducted immunity (surge, EFT, PQF). RF conduted immunity requires an assortment of couplers and without proper setup, are easy to blow up.

    Type's of Coupling Decoupling Networks

    • CDN's for Surge/EFT Immunity: Power Lines and Data Lines
    • RF CDN's for Conducted Immunity: Power Lines and Data Lines: Used for just decoupling as well
    • EM Clamps: Inject and decouple RF disturbances
    • Absorbing Clamps: Just for decoupling RF disturbances on cables (Needed for BCI Testing)
    • Bulk Current Injection Probes: Used for just coupling RF noise

    RF Conducted Immunity CDN Test Setup

    Coupling Decoupling Networks (CDN's) - The EMC Shop


    Coupling/decoupling networks for RF conducted immunity have a port top-side where your inject the RF signal, an EUT side where the RF disturbances are directed to power or data lines. The decoupling path exit the AE Side and is generally safe from disturbances.

  • Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (LISN's)


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    Isolate your DUT (device under test) and provide a stable impedance during your conducted emission testing. Use a line impedance stabilization network (LISN) for pre-compliance evaluation or certification testing for IEC/EN, Mil-STD and other international compliance standards. The EMC Shop is an ISO 17025 accredited company, stocking 1ph and 3ph Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (LISN's) for immediate shipment.


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  • RF Test Equipment


    EMC/EMI Testing Services         Radiated Immunity & Susceptibility        Antenna Testing            Emissions Testing


    Rent RF test equipment for RF immunity and compliance testing. Refurbished and rental RFI test equipment is stocked and calibrated at The EMC Shop. RF test equipment are required for radiated immunity testing portions for CE Marking and other product certification. The EMC Shop stocks RFI equipment a-la-carte or can configure a turnkey RF immunity test system. Most systems can be easily upgraded to include additional tests as required.

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    Common RF Test Equipment

    • Power Amplifiers: Key component for generating power levels and field strengths in commercial, military and aerospace standards
    • Signal Generators: Generate the sweep frequencies, pulses and modulations for RF immunity tests
    • LISN's: Utilized to isolate EUT susceptibilities from external variables.
    • CISPR Compliant Receivers: EMC analyzers conorming to CISPR 16-1-2 and MIL-STD emissions testing and analysis.
    • RF Switches: Used to automate broadband systems requiring multiple RF amplifiers and other system components.
    • Chambers: RF immunity testing must be done in a shielded enclosure to keep nearby personnel and electronics safe.
    • Field Probes: Verify RF field strengths.
  • EMC Probes


    Bulk Current Injection Testing         EMC/EMI Testing Services         Rent EMC Test Equipment          EMI Current Probes


    Monitor high power, radiated fields or identify susceptible areas with a wide variety of probes for broadband monitoring or frequency specific points.


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    Current probes required by various EMI specifications (such as MIL-STD-461/2) are toroidal transformers designed to measure RF currents on active power lines or other conductors.




    Specifications require the injection of large high frequency currents into cable bundles and individual wires, using inserted secondary toroidal transformers placed around the conductors being tested.


    Bulk current injection probes are available in two styles:


    1. Fixed window style where the wire(s) under test must be passed through the window.

    2. A split toroidal design where the probe can be opened and clamped over the wire(s) under test.




    Radio frequency field probes capable of measuring RF energy over a wide range of field strength and frequency.

  • EMC Measurement & Equipment Software

    The EMC Shop can customize EMC measurement software to integrate most types of test equipment and automate EMC testing. Delivery with easy setup instructions as well as onsite support available. Turnkey systems can be configured to meet a wide assortment of testing standards and budgets.

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    EMC Measurement & Equipment Software

    • Immunity/Susceptibility: Injecting radiation over broadband
    • Emissions: Identify EUT susceptibility points
    • Antenna Measurement: OTA analysis
    • Custom Tests and Reporting
    • Ready to use standards for IEC, CISPR, ANSI, MIL-STD, and DO-160
  • Power Supplies

    Rent, buy or lease high power AC and DC power supplies. The EMC Shop stocks calibrated test equipment for signal integrity, product and compliance.

  • Electrical Safety Analyzers

    The EMC Shop stocks calibrated electrical safety analyzers for hipot, ground bond, ground continuity and overall product safety testing. Test to full compliance to international and local safety standards IEC/EN 62353, AAMI/IEC/EN 60601-1, IEC 61010, NFPA-99 and AS/NZ 3551.

    Rent Electrical Safety Analyzers From:

    • Chroma
    • Fluke
    • Rigel
    • Dynatech
    • GW Instek
    • HT Instruments
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    • 50 MHz to 8 GHz frequency range
    • -40 dBm to + 20 dBm dynamic range
    • True average power measurements for CW and Modulated signals
    • USB, LAN and PoE connectivity
    • SCPI, IVI and LabVIEW programming
    • Windows and Linux compatibility
    • >100 measurements per second
    • Synchronized multi-channel measurement
    • Streamlined user interface for fast, accurate measurements
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    • Connectors: Sub-D 9 or custom made, termination switchable (60Ω, 120Ω, open)
    • Data rate: up to 1Mbit/s (with max. 20m optical fiber)
    • CAN-transceiver: TJA1049 T+118
    • CAN-choke: B82789C0513N002, 51uH
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    • Low Loss Half Wave Dipole
    • Moveable Shorting Bar
    • E-Plane
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    • Low Loss Half Wave Dipole
    • Fixed Bar
    • Light Weight
    • Use for Instrument Landing Systems (ILS)
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    • 30 MHz - 3 GHz Usable Frequency Range
    • Linear polarized Logarithmic Broadband Antenna
    • With Broadband Dipole (Aluminium tubing)
    • For Receive and Transmit Applications
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    • Low Loss Half Wave Dipole
    • Moveable Shorting Bar
    • Circular H-Plane
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    • Extremely low harmonic distortion - even under very non-linear load conditions
    • Very fast slew rate > 52V/μs (rise time < 5μs at 230Vrms as required by IEC/EN 61000-4-11)
    • Operates from DC up to 5kHz large signal bandwidth (-3dB) - optional up to 30kHz
    • Small signal bandwidth up to 50kHz or 100kHz
    • High long-term overload characteristic (up to 1-hour)
    • High short-term overload characteristic (for 5 … 10mins.)
    • Very high peak-load ability (up to 5ms)
    • Very low internal resistance
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    • Rugged Design (Housing made of Aircraft grade Aluminum Alloy) 
    • Battery Powered
    • Compact Design
    • Automatic Low Voltage Signal Shutoff
    • Two Frequencies Selection Option
    • Operating Time is 40 Hours with Fully Charged Battery 
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    • World's dirst 9 kHz to 8 GHz portable isotropic 3D antenna
    • Two built-in bypass preamplifiers
    • Suitable for any spectrum analyzer
    • High gain and low noise
    • Manual or automatic axis switch
    • Battery or DC powered
    • Wi-Fi 6 | WLAN AX | IEEE-Standard 802.11ax
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    • Probe Stand
    • Comes with Mounting Clamp
    • Easy storage
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    • World’s first and only handheld real-time spectrum analyzer
    • Scans 20GHz in less than 20mS (1000GHz / sec.)
    • Real-time capture bandwidth up to 175MHz
    • POI below 1QS
    • Unlimited recording time
    • Wide measuring range up to 20GHz
    • Sample rate / second: > 5 million
    • 500 MSPS (14 Bit Dual 256MSPS I/Q
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    • 3-Phase EFT, SURGE and Ringwave
    • 3-Phase AC Dips and Interrupts
    • DC Dips and Interrupts
    • Common Mode Short Testing
    • AC and Impulse Magnetic Fields

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