Keysight U2004A Average Power Sensor 9 kHz to 6 GHz USB

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The U2000 Series is supported by the Keysight BenchVue software. BenchVue makes it easy to control your power meter, log data, and visualize measurements in a wide array of display options without any programming. Simply connect the sensor to your PC installed BenchVue BV0007B Power Meter/Sensor Control and Analysis app to perform average power measurements and analysis.

The U2000 Series are standalone sensors. That means they essentially operate like power meters, just in smaller forms. No reference calibrator is required. The fact that each sensor draws minimal power from a USB port—and that it doesn’t need additional triggering modules or power adaptors to operate—makes it more portable, especially for base station testing. Setting up is easy: just plug it to the USB port of your PC or laptop—or even select network or handheld spectrum analyzer—and start your power measurements. The figure below illustrates the very simple, straightforward setup of the U2000 Series.

High accuracy Each U2000 Series sensor provides excellent linearity, SWR and uncertainty specifications, so you can be confident in every measurement you make. Wide range, high power The U2000 Series’ dynamic range spans across a wide 80 dB, taking on high power up to +44 dBm. Remote monitoring and tests With the U2000 Series sensor plugged to a networked USB hub, you can conveniently monitor power measurements of an antenna tower from the control room, beyond the limits of USB cable lengths