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EN/IEC 61000-3-2

Meet harmonics and flicker test standards IEC 61000-3-3 using the same power source. "Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 3-2 Limits for harmonic current emissions (equipment input current ≤ 16 A per phase)"

Harmonics & Flicker Classification:

Equipment can be grouped into one of 4 classes based on the following criteria as evaluated by the IEC committee members:

  • Number of pieces of equipment in use (how many (volume) are being used by consumers)
  • Duration of use (number of hours in operation)
  • Simultaneity of use (are the same type of equipment used on the same time frame)
  • Power consumption
  • Harmonics spectrum, including phase (how clean or distorted is the current drawn by the equipment)

After all the above criteria are taken into consideration equipment are classified as follows:

  • Class A
    • Balanced three-phase equipment
    • Household appliances, excluding equipment identified by Class D
    • Tools excluding portable tools
    • Dimmers for incandescent lamps
    • Audio equipment
    • Everything else that is not classified as B, C or D
  • Class B
    • Portable tools
    • Arc welding equipment which is not professional equipment
  • Class C
    • Lighting equipment
  • Class D
    • Personal computers and personal computer monitors
    • Television receivers

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    • Full compliance with IEC61000-3-2 standard when used with LDPS power source
    • Fully compliant IEC61000-3-3 flicker measurement
    • Harmonic measurement in accordance with EN61000-4-7 and Flicker as defined by EN61000-4-15
    • P.C. Software and USB interface included for downloading results, archiving and printout
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    • 3500 W DC Output
    • 5000 VA of Output Power
    • Combination AC and DC Power Source and Power Analyzer 
    • AC, DC or AC+DC 
    • Built-in Digital Power Analyzer 
    • Scope Capture Capability 
    • EN61000-3-2 and EN61000-3-3
    • Powerful Programming Software 
    • Constant Power Mode
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    • Output Power: 30,000 VA
    • Output Current, 50 Hz (60 Hz)
      • Inductive Load: 41A (43A)
      • Resistive Load: 34A (33A)
      • Capacitive Load: 27A (26A)
      • ma. 78A (79A) RMS for 3 sec.
      • Repetitive Peak: 300 Amps
    • Input Current: Max 100 Amps
    • Weight: 550 kg
    • Dims (mm): 1670 x 920 x 625
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    • Combination AC and DC power source and power analyzer
    • Arbitrary waveform generation
    • Built-in digital power analyzer
    • Meets source requirements for IEC 61000-3-2 and -3-3
    • 3 - 15 kVA for single and three phase applications (15 kVA per phase)
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    • Available in Single Phase and Three Phase Models
    • Real-time data acquisition 
    • Internal hard disk for data storage
    • 16-Bit A/D converter
    • Wide-range current input
    • Wide-range voltage input
    • Built-in lumped flicker impedance
    • High-sophisticated analyzing capability
    • USB interface for control and data transfer
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    • 1Ph 5.0kVA System
    • synthesized impedance
    • Interface cable 
    • WIN 2100 H&F test software
    • WIN 2110 PQT test software
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    • IEC 61000-4-11 compliant
    • Two power sources in one box
    • 16 A continous / 40 A short term
    • Automatic 50/60 Hz detection and regulation
    • Advanced regulation and selftest features
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    • 5 kVA
    • single Phase
    • NSG 1007-15-400 Power source 
    • CCN 1000-1 single phase
    • Coupling unit
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    • Fully meets the requirements for compliance testing of harmonics
    • Innovative, low cost technique
    • Will provide up to 1kW (4.4A rms) at 230V 
    • 10Amp peak capacity
    • US or Schucko Connector Available
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    • Cost effective, complete and compliant
    • Variable output power configuration from 3 kVA to 45 kVA (90 and 145 kVA sources comprise multiple 45 kVA units)
    • Easily upgradeable PC based
    • Use existing power sources or mains measurement system
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Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items