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Narda (PMM) NBM 520 Compact Broadband Field Meter, 100 kHz - 60 GHz View larger

Narda NBM-520 Broadband Field Meter, 100 kHz - 60 GHz


  • New - Old Stock
  • Intelligent probe interface detects probe parameters
  • Fully automatic zero point adjustment
  • Memory for saving up to 5,000 measurement results
  • PC software for convenient data management
  • Voice recording for comments
  • Conditional logging: Measured value saved when a threshold value is exceeded

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Frequency Range100 kHz - 60 GHz
Standards MetIEC/EN 61000-4-3
Application/Test TypeMonitoring electric field strengths in GTEM's, Anechoic Chambers and other RF rooms for radiated immunity testing.
BatteryNiMH rechargeable batteries 4 x AA size (Mignon), 2500 mAh
Operation Time20 hours (backlight off, no GPS) 12 hours (permanent backlight, no GPS) 10 hours (GPS receiver connected, no backlight)
Recharging Time2 hours
Dimensions1.5 x 2.0 x 8 inches
Weight10.6 oz.

Test Equipment Description

**Please Note - These are not for sale or rent to private individuals**

Rent the Narda NBM-520 Field Probe Kit

Narda NBM-520 Includes

  • NBM-520 Basic Unit (No Probes)
  • 2 x NiMH AA Batteries
  • Fiber Optic Cable, duplex (1000 um) RP-02, 2 meter
  • O/E Converter USB
  • Software, NBM-TS, PC transfer
  • Rugged carrying case (space for 2 probes)
  • AC Adapter/Charger
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Operating Manual
  • Calibration Certificate

Narda NBM-520 Features

  • Easy four button operation
  • Automatic probe type recognition
  • Intelligent probes (automatic probe data transfer)
  • Audible alarm function (threshold adjustable by PC software)
  • Auto-Zeroing (time interval adjustable by PC software)
  • Time Averaging (time adjustable by PC software)
  • Spatial Averaging (discrete samples or continuously)
  • Maximum Hold display function
  • Calibration Due Date check by PC software
  • LCD Backlight (adjustable illumination time by PC software)
  • Auto Power-Off (adjustable time by PC software)
  • Selectable unit (V/m, A/m, mW/cm² or W/m², % for shaped probes)
  • Hold key to freeze the current display
  • Optical link to connect to a PC
  • Remote control via optical link
  • Interoperability with NBM-550 (NBM-550 controls NBM-520)
  • PC software included for instrument setup and remote testing

Narda NBM-520 Description

The Narda Broadband Field Meter NBM-520 is a very compact hand held device for measuring electric and magnetic fields. The simplest possible operation with just four buttons. The field strengths are captured with flat frequency response probes or probes with shaped frequency response, allowing the measurement values to be assessed against an environmental or occupational safety standard. The calibration factors for each probe are stored in the probe itself and are read out and taken into account automatically by the measuring set.

The Narda NBM-520 provides virtually everyone concerned with this subject with an instrument for measuring non-ionizing radiation with utmost accuracy within the frequency range from 100 kHz to 60 GHz (depending on the probe used). The instrument features very simple operation, a handy design in a robust casing, long battery life, and high measurement accuracy.

Probes for various measurement applications are connected to the Narda NBM-520 basic unit. Flat frequency response probes are available, as well as so-called shaped probes that evaluate the field according to a specific human safety standard. These probes are calibrated separately from the measuring instrument, and include a non-volatile memory containing the probe parameters and calibration data. They can therefore be used with any instrument in the NBM-500 family without any loss in calibration accuracy.

The PC software supplied with the instrument allows you to remote control the Narda NBM-520 and to configure the instrument settings.

Narda NBM-520 Applications

  • Measuring field strength in TEM cells and absorber chambers to demonstrate electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Measuring and monitoring field strengths around broadcasting and radar equipment
  • Measuring field strengths of cell phone transmitters and satellite communications systems to demonstrate compliance with human safety standard limit values
  • Measuring field strengths in the industrial environment, such as plastics welding equipment, RF heating, tempering, and drying equipment
  • Measurements for protecting users of diathermy equipment and other medical devices that generate high-frequency radiation
  • Measuring field strengths as part of general safety regulations

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