Rent, buy, or lease various EMC test equipment for complete standards testing.

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  • 3ctest

    Suzhou 3ctest is a Chinese manufacturer offering quality transient immunity test equipment. The EMC Shop has worked closely with 3ctest and has began distributing after several evaluation and quality checks of the test equipment - which produces reliable, repeatable results.

  • AH Systems

    AH Systems is a US based manufacturer of EMC test equipment, antennas and probes. The EMC Shop stocks AH Systems test equipment for rental or sale.

  • Amplifier Research

    Amplifier Research is a high-end manufacturer of RF power amplifiers and other testing equipment radiated and conducted immunity compliance. The EMC Shop stocks a variety of used Amplifier Research equipment for rental or sale.

  • Com-Power

    Com-Power is a leading manufacturer of test and measurement instrumentation for electromagnetic compatibility testing (EMC). The EMC Shop has partnered with Com-Power to stock and distribute new, used and rental EMC test equipment from Com-Power.

  • EM Test (Ametek CTS)

    EM Test offers solutions in electromagnetic testing that is considered of the highest class. Their product range is suitable for the electronic or electrical device testing and evaluation in the automotive, telecom, medical, industrial electornics, avionics and military sectors.

  • EMC Partner

    EMC Partner AG is a manufacturer of impulse test equipment for transient immunity compliance testing. The EMC Shop stocks EMC Partner impulse equipment for rental or lease.

  • EMC Test Design

    EMC Test Design is a manufacterer of RF field probes an isotropic antennas for Electric-Field (E-Field) monitoring and evaluation. THese probes are suitable for cleanroom, anechoic chambers and outdoor use. The EMC Shop stocks EMC Test Design E-field meters and istropic probe antennas for rental or sale.

  • Empower High Power RF Amplifiers

    Empower is a manufacturer of high power RF amplifiers with broadband frequency capability for EMC and RF testing. The EMC Shop rents and sells Empower amplifiers, contact us for more information.

  • Fischer Custom Communications

    The EMC Shop does not have pricing or information for new FCC instrumentation.

    Fischer Custom Communications FCC is considered a high-end manufacturer of EMC and RFI test equipment. The EMC Shop does not have a working relationship with FCC but does have some equipment in stock available for rental or to purchase used. The EMC Shop does not have pricing or information for new FCC instrumentation.

  • Haefely Hipotronics

    Haefely Hipotronics, formerly Haefely Trench, is a manufacturer of EMC testing technology that makes it easy for engineers to easily test, evaulate and self certify their equipment to conducted immunity compliance requirements.

  • IFI - Instruments for Industry

    Instruments for Industry, IFI, is a leading manufacturer of EMC amplifiers for radiated immunity and susceptibility testing. The EMC Shop stocks IFI amplifiers to cover frequency bands for most major test standards including IEC, ANSI and MIL-STD.

  • PMM / Narda

    PMM is an Italian manufacturer of EMC Test Equipment and is sister companies with Narda Safety Solutions, a manufacturer of safety equipment against RFI and radiation.

  • Rohde & Schwarz RF Test Equipment

    The EMC Shop utilizes Rohde & Schwarz RF test equipment to integrate advanced radiated and conducted immunity test systems. Rohde & Schwars also has a top of the line EMI analyzer for emissions testing.

  • Schloder

    Schloder GmbH is a manufacturer of conducted immunity test equipment with cost efficient price points and simple to use interfaces and software.

  • Solar Electronics

    Solar Electronics is a USA based manufacturer of military and aerospace EMI and EMC test equipment for product compliance to test standards such as MIL-STD-461 and RTCA/DO-160. The EMC Shop stocks Solar EMI/EMC test equipment to support immediate testing needs.

  • Teseq (Schaffner)

    Teseq offers one of the most comprehensive range of EMC systems for immunity and emissions testing. Their unique “modular” approach to EMC allows engineers to buy only what they need with the ability to easily upgrade as their needs change and expand. Recently acquired by Ametek, completing the Compliance Test Systems division alongside EM Test, Milmega and IFI amplifiers.

  • Thermo Keytek

    Keytek is a U.S. based manufacturer of EMC test equipment, now a division of Thermo Fisher Scientific. The EMC Shop stocks Thermo Keytek EMC test equipment and can deliver rentals immediately.